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If you have any comments or queries, please post them here. This isĀ  out ‘blog’ page, so please let us have your ideas, stories, gossip even about the wonderful world of archaeology!

Andrew Selkirk – Webmaster (and Chairman)

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  1. Keith says:

    Andrew – like it

  2. Steve Clarke says:

    Andrew: ‘Aims’ : Fine; perhaps expand a little with a bit more information (and re-type!) but otherwise I see little with which to disagree.

  3. Dr. Ronald Stewart Th.D ; Ph.D. says:

    Saturday, October 29th, 2011

    I am a historian and historical archaeologist in the USA. I believe in your mission statement and philosophies regarding archaeology itself, and I truly would like to help. I’m posting this statement in order to encourage any and all other who read this to
    support this organisation in it’s entirity.

    Under separate cover of an email , I will be writing you how I believe I may be able to help your organisation. I’ll be sending that soon.

    Thank you and keep up the splendid work you are doing.


    Ronald Stewart, Th.D. ; Ph.D.

    • admin says:

      Good to hear from you, and to have your good wishes from the other side of the pond!

      Do let us know your ideas — we are always open to all ideas and suggestions

      Best wishes

      Andrew Selkirk

  4. Thank you for a most entertaining 2011 conference. I will be renewing my membership after today.

  5. Jeff morris says:

    I am interested in taking part in any projects in the South Derbyshire area, I have an MA in Historical Archaeology, and through the day job can offer professional skills as a surveyor, construction project manager, quality management and quality control system and process creation.



  6. Michael O' Sullivan says:

    I would like to know how big your membership is at this time ? Even an aproximate figure would be helpful

  7. Rosemarie Crowley says:

    I may be moving to Hackleton this Autumn. As I am retired (early) I would like to know what activities are available locally, particularly in the village hall.

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