Conferences lie at the heart of the CIA’s activities – indeed the council sprang out of the congresses that have been held every two years since 1985.

There are two different types of conference.

Weekend Congress

The weekend Congress is held every two years in different parts of the country, usually at a university where accommodation is provided. Archaeologists can meet to discuss a theme and topics relevant to the moment, and can demonstrate their work and see what other leading societies are doing. This offers the only opportunity in British archaeology for amateur archaeologists to come together and the congresses are normally convivial affairs. The most recent Congress was held at Buxton, on 28th – 30th August 2009. Click here for full list of Congresses

Independent’s Day

Independent’s Day is held in alternate years to celebrate the work of distinguished independent archaeologists or to discuss a topic of current interest. The first such meeting was held in 1990 to honour the centenary of the birth of Sir Mortimer Wheeler: a meeting was held in April 29th, 2000, to mark the centenary of the death of General Pitt Rivers, the father of modern archaeology.


The 2004 conference was held at Sedgeford, in Norfolk, to visit Neil Faulkner’s very successful essay in ‘Democratic Archaeology’.

The 2006 Independents’ Day was held at Bugbrooke, in Northamptonshire, and visited the Whitehall Roman Villa dig.

Independents Day 2008 was held at Monmouth, to celebrate Steve Clark’s work, and to   visit Stuart Wilson’s work at the Trellech Medieval town

Peter Huggins at Waltham Abbey, demonstrating with the help of a model the stages in the construction of the church

In 2010 we visited Waltham Abbey to celebrate the work of Peter Huggins and the Waltham Abbey Historical Society .

In 2011, the Congress was replaced by a 1-day conference at Swadlincote. For report on the conference, click here

The 2012 conference was held at Hackleton, Northampton, on Saturday, 15 September 2012 on the theme Archaeology without a Grant.

The 2013 conference was held at Shipham, Somerset on the theme of Remembering Mick Aston

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