Not got any stamps?

Do you believe that envelopes are obsolete and that you would much rather register by e-mail and pay at the door?

Yes, e-mails are by far the easiest solution! All you have to do is to register by email and pay £20 at the door. (Though there is a discount to £17.50 if you send us a cheque).

However please register in advance – indeed if you  want  lunch, you must register in advance, so we can know numbers.

Just e-mail to Keith Foster giving your name, the name of any society you would like included on your name badge,  and preferably your address and telephone number.

Or, just cut-and-paste the following:


Dear Keith,  I wish to come to the CIA conference at Hackleton on 15 September and I will pay at the door (£20)


My name is


Please add the following society on my name badge:

Add your address and telephone number if possible

I look forward to seeing you at Hackleton


Or, use the form below!



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