Resistivity meter

Our resistivity Meter

Members of the CIA on the campus of Nottingham University, where Bob Randall (centre) was demonstrating the prototype of the new Resistivity Meter

Research on a new version of the TR/CIA resistivity meter is about to be resumed and it is hoped that the first machines will be ready by 2015.

Production of the TR/CIA resistivity meter began in 2001 when Bob Randall, an electronics engineer from TR systems Ltd and a distinguished amateur archaeologist got together with Kevan Fadden, the treasurer of the CIA and designed a low-cost resistivity meter to be produced at a cost of around £1200, which put it within reach of amateur archaeologists and local archaeological societies. The design was extremely successful and over 100 were produced, but in 2006  new EU regulations on lead soldering meant that it was no longer possible to manufacture the meters, and a total redesign of the base board would be needed at considerable cost.

Although production with the existing design stopped, research with the existing meters still continued. In particular a multi-probe system which enabled pseudo-sections to be produced. For details of the system and how it works, click here

Now, thanks to grants from Current Archaeology and the CIA, Bob Randall is redesigning the whole meter using the latest technology and it will include many new features including a USB link. The redesign is now in progress and it is hoped that production will be resumed for the summer of 2015. For further details please contact Kevan Fadden or Bob Randall


The TR/CIA Resistivity Meter is manufactured by:
TR Systems Ltd, 14 Holmes Road, Glinton, Peterborough PE6 7LZ
Reg No 3073838, VAT 638 5976 80
Project manager for the Council for Independent Archaeology is:
Kevan Fadden, Council for Independent Archaeology,
7 Lea Road, Ampthill, Bedford MK45 2PR

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